Join one of our teams

Each year YouthReach International recruits Short Term Mission teams of 3-8 members. These teams partner with local churches, leaders, and mentors as they work on special projects.

​In the past, summer ​camps were our main opportunities to introduce children to Jesus Christ by creating small Christian communities within small and large groups. These days, we are involved in a greater variety of special projects which serve as both outreaches and service opportunities.

Through our short-term projects, we not only demonstrate the skills we strive to impart to our mentors, but we also identify both potential mentors and vulnerable youth which our mentors can befriend and encourage.

We believe that the best way to serve vulnerable youth is to connect them with a godly adult of the same gender in their community. This person serves as a mentor who can positively influence their spiritual and social development.

Our approach to developing mentors is called 12-3-1 Mentoring. It is modeled on Jesus’ relationships with His twelve disciples, the three who were with Him at His transfiguration and the one to whom He gave the keys to the kingdom. As we train mentors, we encourage them to serve a larger group of youth, while giving special time and effort to a smaller group and being a personal friend to an individual.