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Groups of six to eight Short Term Team Members are recruited throughout the year to go to Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus to work in camps and special outreaches. Team Leaders are recruited from churches, Bible study groups, and organizations through personal visits, mission conferences, and networking. The Team Leader is personally interviewed by a YouthReach International staff member, who discusses the expectations and requirements of their position, which include:

    • Recruiting and personally interviewing prospective team members, appropriately selecting them based on clearly defined objectives for the trip provided by YouthReach International.
    • Training the individual team members practically and spiritually through a series of at least 8 preparation meetings, including a spring team retreat.
    • Overseeing the Ministry Partner Development efforts for each team member.
    • Raising funds for Mentor Sponsorships.
    • Leading the team through all international travel points.
    • Acting as team and YouthReach International’s representative to Orphanage Directors and authorities while in their destination country.
    • Partnering with in-country Head Mentor to lead daily mission activities.

YouthReach International prepares Team Leaders during a January Team Leader Retreat. This time gives a practical example of how they can lead their own team retreat, with a focus on spiritual development. We also train the Team Leader in Team Member preparation, Biblically based ministry partner development techniques, mission trip expectations, and leadership skills. A special focus will be on mentoring the 12-3-1 Mentors before, during, and after the outreach.

YouthReach International publishes an annual Team Member Handbook which is sent to each accepted team member. This Handbook acts as the textbook for the team meetings, and covers the following areas:

  • YouthReach International Organization, History, and Strategy.
  • Team Meeting Template.
  • Financial Policies and Procedures.
  • Sharing Your Faith – a preparation for evangelism.
  • Spiritual Preparation.
  • Mentoring the 12-3-1 Mentors.
  • Preparing for Travel.
  • Guidelines for Working on the Mission Field.
  • Debriefing, Returning Home, and Staying Involved.

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