YouthReach International

As war is waged in Ukraine and disrupts a whole generation of children, your help is needed to get those who are experiencing the darkest, most difficult days of their lives into safe places and back on the road to hope.

Your donation is urgently needed. Give today!

YouthReach International

YouthReach International

YouthReach International is a Christian non-profit organization focusing on youth development and education. We aim to empower youth through various programs, including leadership training, education, and community development initiatives.

Our Mission

YouthReach International establishes local mentoring communities which prepare vulnerable youth for success in life through spiritual development, positive role models, and practical life skills.

Through friendship with local mentors and God’s deep love, vulnerable youth experience life with hope and a future.

How can you help?

Volunteer - YouthReach International


YouthReach recruits and trains volunteers for short-term mission visits to places we’ve been invited to serve vulnerable youth each year. 

Give - YouthReach International


Your gift and generosity enable YouthReach to recruit and train local Christians to be godly mentors in the lives of vulnerable youth.

Sponsor - YouthReach International


Your $39 monthly gift will provide a young person with a mentor, life skills education, a birthday gift, and proof that God values them.