Mentor Recruitment

12-3-1 Mentors are recruited by YouthReach International staff and existing mentors from local churches, universities, partnerships, and friendships. When recruiting mentors, YouthReach looks for men and women who:

  • profess faith in Jesus Christ.
  • exhibit a sacrificial attitude.
  • have a passion for developing children spiritually and socially.
  • connect with a life-giving body of believers.
  • receive consistent mentoring from someone else.


Mentor Development

The 12-3-1 Mentors’ skills are developed through semi-annual weekend retreats and annual events, where special guests are invited to share methods of spiritual and social development for mentors and youth. Also during our semi-annual retreats, we bring in various child development specialists to focus on areas of interest. These topics may include communication strategies, dealing with bullying, drugs and alcohol awareness, etc.

Additionally, YouthReach International staff are available to the mentors for face to face meetings or by telephone, e-mail, and video conferencing.