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Katrina recently set out on a 3 week trip to Russia and Belarus. Below is a post from Katrina about the Child Sponsorship Program that we are happy to share.

The YouthReach International Child Sponsorship Program is a tool in empowering youth for their future as well as ensuring they are connected to a supportive mentor.

In the past few months, sponsorship has played an important role in the following areas:

  1. Anya, a young lady in St. Petersburg, Russia, was able to travel to Moscow for a conference for orphanage graduates. She learned more about how she can advocate for orphans and is now on the youth advisory team for orphans in the region where she grew up. Anya is currently studying at university to be a lawyer. Her dream is to be an advocate for orphans.
  2. A mentoring community in Belarus held a youth event, in which the sponsored teens attended. A guest pastor spoke who has three adopted children. He shared about his life and spoke on the topic of “What it Means to Be a Disciple of Christ.”
  3. Nastia, a young lady in Tomsk, Russia will be attending Bible school in Moscow. She also recently completed an intensive discipleship program.
  4. Yuri, a young man in far eastern Ukraine, was seriously injured from an accident and is paralyzed. He stated that sponsorship is helping him go to a sanatorium this summer, where he can receive treatment. Receiving treatment has been difficult because of the on-going conflict in Ukraine so he has been looking forward to this opportunity.
This is Anya who is currently studying to become a lawyer and desires to advocate for orphans.

You can visit our sponsorship website here and view the children still waiting for sponsorship. The majority of the children who currently need sponsors are in eastern Ukraine, where the needs are especially tangible due to the conflict and instability in that region.

Thanks you for your prayers for these children and young adults!

This is Anya who is currently studying to become a lawyer and desires to advocate for orphans.

So, here is your opportunity to enable children to be discipled by local mentors, receive needed treatment, pursue ministry, and give themselves to a cause much bigger than any of us – advocacy for the fatherless! Join us in sponsoring a child!

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