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YouthReach International focuses its efforts on key regions within the countries of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Mentor initiated orphanage visits and international team camp outreaches in these regions create first-touch ministry opportunities, introducing children to the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ and beginning mentoring relationships with in-country 12-3-1 Mentors. These mentoring opportunities are then continued in these key cities with continued frequent orphanage visits and gatherings, allowing relationships to be deepened and developed along spiritual lines. Programs are developed over time which provide a safe place for orphans and orphanage graduates to enjoy recreation, mentoring, life skills training, and spiritual development opportunities.

Partnerships with in-country churches, ministries and orphanages are developed and expanded to allow further ministry opportunities focused on showing the orphans that they indeed matter to someone. Other partnerships are developed with business, educational, religious, and governmental organizations and individuals to provide access to groups of children, introduce us to new mentors, and deepen the effectiveness of the mission.

We are currently focusing very deeply in the cities of Yekateringburg, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, and Chita, Russia, Kiev and South Central Ukraine, and Brest, Minsk, and Bobruysk, Belarus. It is our intent to fully develop the processes for regular mentoring visits to orphanages, as well as institute Life Skills Training Programs in each locale. Once these ministries are fully functional in these cities, we will begin to duplicate these efforts in the other focus cities and define the next cities of focus. In preparation for this, we are actively building our 12-3-1 Mentor network in the other current and future focus cities.