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Partner with Individuals and Organizations

YouthReach International partners with in-country ministries and churches, orphanages, business leaders, educational institutions, and government officials throughout Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, gaining access to groups of children many religious organizations cannot. These partnerships are developed over periods of years through individual and group gatherings. Partners are recruited based on their willingness to work with a Christian organization, their access to groups of children, and their desire to see the children enter adulthood successfully with a hope for the future.

  • Ukrainian, Russian and Belorussian 12-3-1 Mentors are the heart of our work. They work with our teams in the summer, fall, winter, and spring camps as well as mentor children in a year-round program.
  • State run and private orphanages in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus invite YouthReach International to work with their children to develop faith and practical life skills through regular visits, to provide hope through positive adult mentoring relationships, and to prepare the children for life outside the orphanage through continued relationships and various educational settings.
  • Missionaries, Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian churches and local organizations partner with YouthReach International in various ways to help achieve our mission.
  • Language School 5, a language institute in Novosibirsk, Russia that partners with YouthReach International on special projects including Chick-fil-A’s WinShape Foundation and Mentor development programs.
  • Spiritual Center “Blagovest” is a multifaceted ministry based in Donetsk, Ukraine. Blagovest partners with YouthReach International in various ways – including registering within the country as a part of their Ministry Center.
  • Caritas Humanitarian Fund is a Novosibirsk, Russia, organization that assists citizens of Siberia through a number of charitable programs. YouthReach International shares numerous projects with Caritas in the sphere of youth care and development. These include after school programs, orphanage programs, mentoring, as well as summer, fall, and winter camps.
  • Eastern European Missions provides adult and children’s Bibles for distribution to children through our orphan outreach and camp programs.
  • The CoMission for Children at Risk exists to equip, resource and network Christian leaders, organizations, churches and individuals to minister more effectively to orphans and street children in Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • Government Officials within Ukraine and Russia are key to our registration and continued positive status in each of these countries. We will continue to reach out to those in areas of Religion and Education, developing relationships and partnerships to ensure our mutual goals can be reached.

Within the United States, YouthReach International partners with churches, businesses, and individuals to recruit Short Term Missionaries, provide resources to accomplish the mission, and to pray for the needs of the mission.

  • Lifeshape International the non-profit arm of Chick-fil-A partners with YouthReach to develop volunteer Mentors and strategic partners to be more successful leaders. SERVE seminars in our host countries teach a leader to:
    See and shape the future
    Engage and develop others
    Reinvent continuously
    Value results and relationships
    Embody the values
  • The Lampo Group, more commonly known as Dave Ramsey, is partnering with YouthReach International to offer their Foundations in Personal Finance course to mentors, orphans, and at-risk children in our programs in Russia and Ukraine. YouthReach International is translating select portions of this curriculum into Russian and modifying examples as culturally appropriate, in an effort to prepare orphanage graduates in their adjustment to independent life.
  • Ministry Ventures equips ministries for Christ by intentionally coaching them on the 5 Best Practices of ministry – Prayer, Board of Directors, Ministry Model, Administration, and Fundraising. YouthReach International has become Ministry Mastery Certified through this program.
  • International Leadership Institute carries out History Makers conferences in our host countries. History Makers is a leadership journey teaching young adults, ages 20-35 to understand God’s purpose for their lives. Participants develop faith and skills to realize such a vision, build a support network to hold them accountable to that vision – then invest in other young leaders.
  • Rotary International in the United States, Ukraine, and Russia partners with YouthReach International to provide access to orphans and at risk youth, funding for special needs, and to expand our network among business and government leaders in our host countries.