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We believe the most significant need that orphans in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus have is for positive, on-going relationships with adult mentors that start while the children are still in the orphanage and continue with them through graduation from the orphanage and on into young adulthood. Therefore, our orphan programs are carefully designed to meet that need. These programs include:

  • Mentor and Orphan in Crimea

    Regular visits – 12-3-1 Mentors will visit select orphanages several times per month to conduct Bible-based studies and/or activities, games, and fellowship with the children. These interactions will initiate and strengthen the relationships between the orphan and the 12-3-1 Mentor, showing the orphan that someone in their own city, culture, and language does indeed love them, and cares enough to continue being their friend. It is our experience that trust develops, allowing the orphan to share spiritual and social concerns with the 12-3-1 Mentor as they grow up.

  • Practical Life Skills Training – YouthReach International now offers life skills training programs for older orphans and at-risk children within our partner orphanages and churches. This training includes but is not limited to the following modules:

How to choose a profession?
Where to find education?
Where to find employment?
How to pass the interview?
How to save and spend money?
How to resolve conflicts?

  • Camps for orphans – YouthReach International partners with local churches and other ministries to provide camp opportunities for children. We offer special camps during summer, fall, winter, and spring.
  • Orphanage Sponsorship – A church, business partner, or group, working through YouthReach International, sponsors one of the orphanages with which we work. Financial support from sponsors enables us to provide needed educational, emotional, environmental, medical, and spiritual support for the orphans. The sponsoring church/organization provides Christmas, birthday gifts, and school supplies for the children and also has the possibility to visit “their” orphanage. This program enables the regular mentoring listed above, with the 12-3-1 Mentors helping the children write letters back and forth to their sponsors, and serving as the connection point between the orphans, the sponsors, and our organization.