YouthReach International recruits Short Term Mission teams of 3-8 members throughout the year. These teams partner with local churches, leaders, and mentors as they work in orphanages, camps, and special outreaches.

​Camp and outreach opportunities introduce children to Jesus Christ by creating small Christian communities within small and large groups. Within this context, the children experience firsthand the love and care of Christ through interactive teaching of Biblical truths and values, clubs, sports, drama, and other activities. It is during these outreaches that the Short Term Missionaries also introduce the children to their 12-3-1 Mentors, connecting them and encouraging those relationships.

During some of these summer team projects, Short Term Missionaries may act as an initial draw for the children. For many, these are the first and only foreigners that they know, and the children enjoy making friends with people from around the world. But throughout the outreach, the Short Term Missionary steps back, allowing the 12-3-1 Mentors to become the primary area of focus, to develop that relationship for effective year-round ministry.

The purpose of camps and outreaches is to develop or deepen relationships between the children and their 12-3-1 Mentors while planting the seed of Christ in their hearts. Camps also provide a great opportunity to equip, encourage, and respond to the leadership of local mentors by serving alongside them in the mission.

What is the 12-3-1 Mentor program?